The EDC Initiative

February 2016: two MSc students from Humboldt University in Berlin-Germany – Marleen Poot of Dutch nationality and Bernardo Manzano Lepe of Mexican nationality – started their 6 months internships (sponsored by GIZ) under the EDC initiative, at CIAT in Uganda.
February 2016 – guests invited to Washington DC to exchange with the EDC partners: 

  • Mr. Kyofa Kabuye, oil palm program coordinator for the Ministry of Agriculture of Uganda and board member of the Oil Palm Farmer Organization of Kalangala;
  • Ms. Pauline Kamau, from the Farmer Organization Support Center in Africa (FOSCA-AGRA).

January 2015 – guests invited to Washington DC to exchange with the EDC partners:

  • Mr. David Lukwata, CEO of the Kibinge Coffee Cooperative of Uganda;
  • Mr. Samuel Ochung, program coordinator at CIAT in Uganda;
  • Mr. Charles Angebault, CEO of EASE-Agr in Uganda (a service provider for agri-coops);
  • Ms. Dora Waruiru, program coordinator at the K-Rep micro-finance institute in Kenya (KDA);
  • Mr. Bernard Conhilh de Beyssac, Inclusive Agribusiness Advisor at SNV in Uganda;
  • Dr. Abate Gashaw Tadesse, researcher at EURICSE in Ethiopia;
  • Mr. Matthias Jager, program manager at CIAT in Colombia.

September 2014 – guests invited to Addis Ababa to exchange with the EDC partners and the leaders and stakeholders of Ethiopian agri-coops:

  • Mr. David Bett, manager of the Kenya Dairy Farmers Federation;
  • Ms. Nora Ebukalin, leader of the PKWI women group in Uganda;
  • Ms. Clovia Bwesigye, leader of Kahunge Pineapple Growers Association in Uganda;
  • Mr. Andrew Egala, manager of PANAAC in Kenya;
  • Mr. Robert Kintu, CEO of FIT in Uganda;
  • Ms. Fhumulani Mashau, from the Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions (SACAU);
  • Dr. Ben Addom, program coordinator at CTA in the Netherlands;
  • Ms. Pamelabella Nyamutokakatooro, CEO of IIRR in Uganda;
  • Ms. Dora Waruiru, program coordinator at the K-Rep micro-finance institute in Kenya (KDA).

September 2013: Mr. Francois Traore, the former leader of the West African Association of Cotton Farmers (APROCA) was invited to Dakar to exchange with the leaders of Senegalese farmer organizations and agri-coops.

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